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all combined with a healthy tea


Teatime Tutors?

Teatime Tutors are the local experts, providing assessment and advice on school choices and bespoke tutoring packages, all combined with a healthy tea.

Teatime Tutors provides excellent tuition, helping children of all abilities reach their potential.  We promise to support, engage and inspire your child and boost their confidence when sitting their exams for secondary school.  We tailor our tuition to suit the individual, whether for entrance exam practice, confidence boosting or to catch up with their peers.

Teatime Tutors will build your child’s knowledge and confidence in Maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.  We prepare for examinations from 7+ through to the 11+ in a safe and caring environment.


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How We Work

Honesty and integrity are core to everything we do.  We are always honest about a child’s potential and we give sincere appraisals of their progress during their time with us.

We believe that responsibility must be shared.  We achieve the greatest success when we work in partnership with parents and carers to take responsibility for their child’s progress.

We seek to build mutual respect between ourselves, out children and our parents.  We do this by developing strong, trusting relationships, based on honesty and shared responsibility.

At the root of it all lies trust.  We demonstrate to parents that they can trust us with the education of their children by consistently delivering the outcomes agreed on at the beginning of the relationship.


Teatime Afternoons

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Our process

We start with a detailed assessment of your child’s capabilities and interests, which, when combined with some consultation and research, will be packaged into a report that details the most suitable secondary school choices and details a bespoke, tailored tutoring programme designed to give the best chance of passing the entry examinations to your chosen schools.

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